March to Defend DACA

March to Defend DACA:

The Central Valley – a rich tapestry of all colors and creeds – will come together in solidarity for the undocumented community! DACA is a keystone program for the undocumented youth, and if it is eviscerated by the Trump administration, millions of American kids will lose security in their car mortages, student loans, social security number, and work permit. Or worse: face deportation.

We urge Mayor Lee Brand to not deputize our local resources to enforce a callous federal law. We demand that ICE will not be Trump’s immigration goons. We demand our housing codes to be fair and just for all. We demand for land lords or employers to face consequence if they browbeat the undocumented into submission. We demand the Central Valley to be a land of peace, love, and justice.

Here are the numbers of our Congressional representatives for you to call in opposition to the potential rescind of DACA:

* Jim Costa
(559) 495 1620
* Devin Nunes
(559) 323 5235
* David Valadao
(559) 582 5526

When: September 17
What time: Event begins at 6pm
Where: Olive & Palm in Fresno’s Tower District