Pregnant Seattle Woman Killed by Police in Her Apartment

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Seattle, WA (PT) – Two unnamed Seattle Police Officers responded to a call from a 30-year-old woman who asked for police assistance because she had allegedly been robbed. When police arrived they went through a routine burglary call, knowing they were going into a situation with an individual that not a month before had a confrontation with them that red flagged mental illness. Police routinely exempt their actions regarding trigger happy behavior that, nationwide, proves… police are not utilizing training that is necessary to deal with those under any mental duress.

Charleena Lyles called the police Sunday to report a burglary in her home. Her young children were present at the scene. When police officers received the call, their conversation made it obvious tthe incident before, had one of them suspicious of mental illness. The audio of the entire event released by Seattle Public Affairs has a rather choppy recording. Where one of the officers asks the other “…She’s got a mental caution on her?” The other officer had just explained the previous report;

“On the fifth (of June)… She had called for (officers) and she let them in and then started talking all crazy about how the officers were not going to leave, and then grabbed a pair of scissors…”

The officers went on for another minute or so regarding the same person they were going to confront, both seemingly knowing one of Lyles’ four kids, as well as having on their screen in front of them an alert of ‘Officer Safety Caution’. As they get to the door and start with Lyles, everything seems very routine. Again the audio is choppy, but you can make out Lyles explaining the situation and specific things that are missing including an X-Box and a wallet.

The previous encounter was something spoken about by Lyles’ sister Monika Williams:

With all the information these two officers had prior to their confrontation with Charleena Lyles, the premise was there for them to utilize any training the officers may, or may not have received, to deal with those apparently in need of a mental evaluation. I don’t want to belittle anyone here. The life of Charleena Lyles mattered, and her children will now have to bear a horrible burden regarding this absolute overreach of what is supposed to be the execution of law.

I’m hoping that this family sees some justice regarding this open investigation of two unnamed officers who should be brought completely out in the open… Your move Ed Murray. Release the names of the officers?

The Pontiac Tribune will continue to follow this story. Prepared by James Job.