Are the Fresno Police Making a Murderer Out of Jerel Stanfield?

Four years ago a police chase ended in bloodshed but that isn’t the only the only detail of importance. The pistol the police claimed Jerel Stanfield reached for before they shot him, was used in the murder of William Simpson on Easter Sunday and Hakim Momon and William Davis.

Forensic evidence may have proved that the pistol was used to end the lives of those three individuals but how the weapon ended up at the scene is a bit more ambiguous. Stanfields attorney believes the officers planted it and officers with the Fresno Police Department are confused at how the weapon “appeared” at the scene.

“It appeared out of nowhere and he admitted on the stand,” said attorney Miles Harris. “(The officer) said, ‘I thought it could’ve been one of ours.'”

The defense believes the case stinks of manipulation and that the amount of holes in the evidence are going to exonerate their client. However if they are unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the police planted the weapon in order to hang someone for the murders of William Simpson, Hakim Momon and William Davis, their client will spend the rest of his life in prison.

The prosecution claims that Jerel Stanfield was fingered for the murder of William Simpson by Simpsons girlfriend.

“I’m asking her if she witnessed, Jerel Stanfield commit this murder. She looks into my eyes and says detective I’m telling you, he killed Will,” said Andre Benson, Fresno Police detective, “She was emotional, crying and indicated to me that Jerel Stanfield was in fact the one that was responsible for Mr. Simpson’s death.”

However she wont testify in court due to fear of retaliation for being a snitch.

Since all of the testimony offered was hearsay provided by cops there is reasonable doubt as to whether or not Jerel Stanfield is actually guilty of these murders or if he is being thrown under the bus as a convenient scapegoat. It would be hard for a convicted triple murderer to bring a civil suit against the police for excessive force. Yet if he is exonerated Fresno could be home to the next Making a Murderer scandal.

If Mr. Stanfield is being set up by the police department that means that Jerry Dyer and the Lisa Smittcamp are working together in order to circumvent the law and manipulate justice in order to send an innocent man to jail, while simultaneously allowing a murder – possibly two to walk free.