Secession More Popular than Democracy #CalExit

Yes Cali

Yes California, better known as Cal Exit, has had a huge rise in numbers since the Trump presidency. Californians have felt the harsh waves of this new presidential force and many have decided to take action. Over 44,000 people are calling for California’s secession from the American empire and its sister, the federal government.

The American two-party system is collapsing and new ideas are on the rise. The Cal Exit movement recently jumped above the Democratic Party with Facebook likes. People are in general open to the idea of independence. We have never seen such a drastic rise in loyalty to a brand new party in the last hundred years.

Compared to five years ago, Californians now seem to be much more open to the concept of independence. With such a large increase in numbers and mentions of the movement on the senate floor; California politicians and local governments should begin having conversations about California’s sovereignty with their community members. It is important to realize that this new discourse is not dwindling to the background of an old press release, but in fact growing steadily and consistently within the people’s hearts.

While the Republican Party continues to state that climate change is something that the people do not need to worry about, Californians say otherwise. Nearly 65% of Californians want the California government to disregard the  Federal government on Climate and Immigration laws.

Overall, there are very large ideological differences within California compared to the rest of the nation, which is why this movement has grown so quickly. The people of California want to step confidently into a healthy future while the entirety of America doesn’t seem sure of having any long-term goals when it comes to their economic stability, political functions, as well as human rights and environmental security. Californians are also more often than not against the ideologies of perpetual war. Lastly, there are many communities that have led the way in the conversations of police brutality, sanctuary cities, and sustainability. Californians do not want to continue negative ideologies that are/were created or supported by a Trump presidency and/or America’s murky past.

Will California truly seek out its independence? We will know more if #CalExit gets on the ballot for a 2019 special election. Only time will tell but with this type of momentum one can only wonder. 

 -Calexit support is 32%
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Edited By: Abdilaziz Meqdad
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