WATCH! Fresno Police Taser Naked Man Walking Down the Street

In a bizarre instance of right place right time, a passenger in a vehicle filmed an officer with the Fresno Police using his taser on a naked man walking down the road. There were rumors online that the man in the video was robbed by a prostitute but nothing has been confirmed at this time.  We have also contacted the police in order to obtain a statement but they did not answer. We will continue to try and gain more insight and update if we do.

While the man was naked there are multiple laws regarding nudity in public and when it is “legal” and when it is “lewd” Some states have gone as far as to try to ban sagging pants and public breastfeeding. Others have a history of accepting public nudity.

Courtesy of Wikipedia: The laws governing indecent exposure in the United states vary according to location. In most states public nudity is illegal. However, in some states it is only illegal if it is accompanied by an intent to shock, arouse or offend other persons. Some states permit local governments to set local standards. Most states exempt breastfeeding mothers from prosecution.

Now remember this man may have been robbed by prostitutes and may have had no other option than to march down the road naked as the day he was born. Still he wasn’t combative or aggressive toward the police and attacking him with a taser was entirely uncalled for. They should have found something to cover him with and offered him a ride home. After all, other than himself no one had been victimized.