WATCH! Fresno Cop Caught Sleeping on the Job; Lies About It

In a video posted to Facebook, Fresno Police Officer Swaford? – Schwaford? – Schwathford? Badge #1779 is busted sleeping in his patrol car while in uniform and presumably on duty. Immediately after being woke up by the camera man, Swathford lies about what he was doing in his car; claiming he was writing reports when in reality he was fast asleep.

More troubling than the slumber is the immediate lie that the officer concocts in order to appear legitimate. If the police are lying about sleeping in their cars are they also lying about police shootings or internal investigations as well?

The sleeping policeman is an anomaly in and of itself. Police officers constantly claim to be in fear of their life and use this excuse to brutalize and kill innocent people with impunity. The phrase is so powerful that nearly any offense can be excused by uttering it. If they are so scared while on patrol how is it that this officer is able to sleep so soundly?

Police officers claim to protect and serve. You can’t keep anyone safe if you’re napping in your vehicle instead of being proactive.

Police claim to be understaffed and overworked, unable to keep up with the current caseload. If that is the case shouldn’t they be accomplishing as much as possible in order to gain leverage for a force multiplier? – Because it looks like this officer isn’t even trying.

However there is an upside to this officer sleeping. While he is slumbering he is unable to make easy prey of drug users, traffic violators, pedestrians or anyone the police deem is worth their attention.

Still he is paid to do a job and the citizens of Fresno are forced to contribute to this officers salary. By sleeping on the job he is essentially robbing them of their money and of their trust.

If you feel that lazy and lying cops should not be welcome in law enforcement. Please call 559-621-7000 and let Jerry Dyer know that you are not pleased with the conduct of this officer.