Mayor Lee Brand and The Homeless Crisis

Photo Credit: Homeless In FresnoPhoto Credit: Homeless In Fresno

On January, 5th 2017, two homeless advocate groups will be present for the inauguration of Fresno’s new Mayor, Lee Brand. The newly appointed Mayor could potentially offer the people of Fresno a great leap forward during this historic time. To insure that Mayor Brand is held accountable for the wellbeing, growth, and sustainability of local community members; both Homeless in Fresno and Fresno Homeless Advocates will be present to uphold the rights of the homeless people living here.  Such a presence can be seen as a great step forward to promote equality for those whom have historically been abandoned. These groups will be present to publicly express that the general public is awake, watching and guiding the communities’ narrative with leaders from many groups and organizations on the local, state and national level. Fresno’s population is rapidly changing and becoming more diverse; therefore, city hall should take into consideration the demands that the people of Fresno expect from its representatives. Many of the minorities’ voices are growing and causing a much larger influence and with this growth comes a more humanitarian approach to core issues our city faces.

Homeless In Fresno and Fresno Homeless Advocates have participated passionately in educating families throughout the Central Valley about the issues that many homeless people live through daily. Such issues include: police brutality, lack of water, lack of shelters (especially during extreme weather conditions), lack of mental health support, lack of healthcare and various other forms of neglect. All of the issues that the homeless population in Fresno face can be life threatening and costs the city of Fresno millions of dollars every year. The lack of support for the homeless causes great disparities both to the homeless and to the city of Fresno at large. Clearly, it is more harmful for our city representatives to neglect the homeless due to the negative repercussions for every member living within this community. The presence of Homeless in Fresno and Fresno Homeless advocates will redefine this inauguration, which has often been regarded as a celebration to a new “throne” instead of being honored as a platform to meet the needs of the people. This ceremony should be held with a seriousness that insures equality to all; after all, according to Paul T. Jackson “People’s lives are on the line.” Jackson, who has played a key role in laying down the foundations of the historic $2.35 million class action settlement (which went to hundreds of Fresno’s homeless who had their property unlawfully confiscated and destroyed).

In the past, city representatives have utilized the conditions of the homeless for popularity stunts and have been quoted for speaking inhumanly about these residents. However, Homeless in Fresno and Fresno Homeless Advocates will not be standing down any longer. They will be resisting the habits of old city representatives by bringing an end to neglect and false promises. Hopefully, with our ever-growing diversity, both locally and within our legal administrations, it will become less likely for city council to defend their undesirable actions in a court of law. Although we are on the start of a new year, and a new hope, the reality of the matter is that the homeless population in Fresno has been growing in the past two years. There continues to be much work needed to be finalized within the spectrum of community organizations and our city council alike. Community members and Activist groups are organizing on a much greater scale and are causing a greater impact on our society at large. Many activist groups have vowed to strengthen and build relationships between each other to insure a more just society for all whom live in Fresno. The people will stand up for themselves, and we will see a brighter future for our town. The event will be filmed and live streamed at 10:00 AM and available on Fresno Peoples Media and other local News sites.

An overview for the agenda can be found below:

9:15 a.m. – Coffee to be served on public sidewalk outside main entrance to Fresno City Hall  9:30 a.m. – Press conference to be held by the Fresno Homeless Advocates, beginning with Mario Manganiello reading first of three California constitutional provisions and accompanying passage. 

9:35 a.m. – The second such provision and accompanying passage to be read by volunteer. 

9:40 a.m. – The third provision and accompanying passage to be read by Richard “Patch” Day 

9:50 a.m. – Adjourn to meet inside the Fresno CC chambers (2nd fl.) 

10:00 a.m. – Meet inside the chambers; Fresno CC meeting is called to order; oath of office to be administered. 

After Hours: Sandwiches provided to homeless and hungry people in Courthouse Park.