Presidential Election May Have Just Sparked Revolution


USA – Many major cities across the US including Oakland, Berkeley, Portland, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C. and many other places have already, or will break out in civil disobedience actions regarding the election of Donald J. Trump as 45th president of the US. By the time you read this, the list of cities with protests will likely have grown. The question now is; Has the presidential election just set off a nation wide revolution?

The indications for such a scenario is quite sound. The amount of people mobilized so swiftly in one evening is rather impressive. Not to say that these specific groups didn’t have a game plan that may have been laid out for the just-in-case… Still, the turnout at these rallies indicates otherwise. People are genuinely upset from any side of the political spectrum, and the political unrest is projected to only further worsen. The outcry on social media alone is enough to wonder where either major candidate got so much as a write in. But I digress, what has happened is already history, and mark these words. There is only more history to be made.


The first action I noticed broadcast was via Facebook Live by a well respected alternative media journalist. The attendees were largely against the outrageous claims of Trump to mass deport immigrants, and basically his outlined immigration policy in general. Chanting; “Here to stay!” And speaking about the reasons they are so passionate, including names of undocumented friends and family they wish to represent in their plight. The protest seemed to have gotten in gear directly in front of the white house sometime during or right after it was apparent Donald Trump was the victor.

A couple hours later, the west coast chipped into the festivities with protesters in both Berkeley, CA and Portland, OR blocking streets. The second action I noticed was a mainstream media helicopter live feed showing a good deal of people marching in the street down hwy 24.

“The protesters have marched from the University of California Berkeley campus at the Sproul Plaza around 12:00 a.m. and have made their way down Telegraph Avenue… One of the protesters was struck by a vehicle.The protester was hit near the Claremont Avenue off-ramp and is being treated for serious injuries.”

This morning reports surfaced that 1,500 students from Berkeley High School walked out of class about 9AM this morning in solidarity.

Oakland, CA had unrest of their own to face. Details of the action are still scarce. However, there were photos posted on another mainstream media outlet of fires in the streets and blocked traffic.

Social media screen shot of Oakland riot.

Social media screen shot of Oakland riot.

In Portland, Oregon an action arose allegedly organised by Black Lives Matter sympathizers. Again this action came to my attention via Facebook Live. Where another journalist filmed the actions of those already fed up with the current status quo in this country, appalled at the election of Trump.This crowd appeared to be the more fervent of the crowds in other places, chanting; “That’s not my President… Fuck Donald Trump,” and the ever popular BLM slogan “Who’s streets? Our streets!” The onlookers were even engaged in chant, and pure curiosity.

This morning, protests continued as an estimated 2,000 people rallied at the UCLA campus. There was also a demonstration on the South Los Angeles campus USC. No injuries or arrests were reported at either of these events.

Currently, there are actions being held in Chicago, IL as well as New York, NYPortland, OR, Oakland, CA, and Santa Cruz, CA.

All hyperlinks directly above go straight to current live video feeds.


If the end of this election has proven anything, it’s that there will very likely be some pretty turbulent times ahead for this country. Regardless of your personal opinion regarding the election, more and more boisterous voices of division will be included. The likelihood of a modern revolution may actually be upon us. Speculation aside, the recent social fabric has condoned such, and with the election of a xenophobic, bigoted, misogynistic, and self-aggrandizing character such as Donald Trump.

Is it any wonder that it kicked off immediately?