Sacramento Mayor Beat Protester Who Hit Him in the Face with a Pie

During the “Seeds of Hope” dinner Kevin Johnson, the Sacramento Mayor and former NBA guard, was hit in the face by a pie thrown by Sean Thompson. Immediately after the Mayor proceed to tackle and beat Thompson to a bloody pulp. UFC fighter and former WEC champion Urijah Faber said, “There was another guy that was being detained who was all dirty, dressed kind of raggedy, and bloodied up at this point who was being held for the cops to come and grab him.” 

Faber also said Johnson described it as a clear-cut case of self-defense, but is such a violent response appropriate to being pied in the face?

“I asked him (Johnson) what happened and apparently the guy had come from behind and just slammed him in the face, sounds like half punch, half pie slamming in the face and then they got into a scuffle and started rolling around on the ground and looks like that guy got the worst of it,” said Faber.

Thompson a member of the Occupy Sacramento camps and the former Sacramento City College student body senator. His motivations for his activism are police brutality and the extreme inequalities” between the upper and lower class. Thompson has been charged with felony assault of a public official and one misdemeanor charge of battery on school or park property.

Thompson was arrested three times prior for illegally camping in front of city hall during the Occupy Sacramento protest and the president of the local police union justified pepper spraying him for unauthorized used of the podium after he turned his back on the city council during a public meeting.

He’s lucky he didn’t get doused in pepper spray, as three cops moved in immediately, put on high alert by his unorthodox and unauthorized use of a podium. – Mark Tyndale, President Sacramento Police Officers Association.

Kevin Johnson went home with his family with no injuries and Sean Thompson was treated at the hospital before being transported to a cage where he is currently being held on a $100,000 bond.

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