Is NASA Hiding Proof of Aliens?

NASA cut the feed from the International Space Station (ISS) after the presence of an unidentified flying object was spotted. The new video is being used by alien hunters to promote the existence of extra terrestrial life. I for one believe it is arrogant to think humans and animals are the only form of life in existence throughout the vast universe and obviously I am not alone.

The blue dots were originally blown off as a solar flare, but space observer Streetcap1 uploaded a recording of the stream to his YouTube channel where he argued that it was not a solar flare but in fact a UFO.

Due to the fact that the object was brighter on the side of the sun and that NASA cut the feed so quickly after it appeared Streetcap1 dismissed it as a solar flare. Leaving UFO hunters to believe that NASA is hiding proof of alien life.

In July NASA announced the end of the ISS video which angered the alien hunting community leading them again to claim that NASA was trying to suppress evidence of alien life.