All Lives Matter Protester Crashed Bears Game in Gorilla Costume

An individual crashed the Sunday Bears game wearing a gorilla costume and a white t-shirt with the words “All Lives Matter” written on it. While fans running onto the field is nothing new in sports, it’s not everyday that an idiot in a gorilla costume decides to make a play for the most racist moment on ESPN in 2016.

Why would someone wear an “All Lives Matter” shirt? Probably because they have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that there is systemic oppression directed at black people in America. Or maybe they honestly just think all lives matter, but even these all lives matter people are capable of recognizing the disparity in the justice system when compared.

Why would someone pair an “All Lives Matter’ shirt with a gorilla costume? Perhaps they are still in mourning over the death of Harambe, the gorilla killed in a Ohio zoo after a child fell into his habitat. More than likely it is because this person is an insensitive bigot who actually does not believe that all lives matter but in reality feels that black people are monkeys, animals or savages who are second class to the white man and need to get their uppity behinds out of the road and into some work boots.

The intrusion was ended after the individual slipped in front of the Lions bench and was captured by security.  Whatever the true motivation for this action, one thing is clear. This person does not believe that all lives matter.

Ironically “all lives don’t matter” in Chicago and the cities handling of the murder of Laquan McDonald is proof of that. While the police get away with murder everyday it’s not too common that every official from the Mayor to the District Attorney is involved with a cover up in order to keep up appearances for election season.