No Dakota Access Pipeline Awareness Walk

From event page:

On Nees and Fresno St in Fresno Ca we will meet and march against the Dakota Access Pipeline that will run through the Missouri River, the river that runs through the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. The Dakota Access Pipeline threatens the sacred sites of the Sioux people and imperils drinking water near its North Dakota reservation and all areas that the Missouri River runs through. By bringing awareness we are standing in solidarity with standing rock, and being a voice for Mother Earth. We would like to make it very clear that this will be a peaceful walk, we are not protestors, we are protectors of all things sacred!

Event organizer:

“Starting point and walk….

On the corner of Nees street and Fresno st in Fresno Ca, next to the Hwy 41 overpass, is a vacant city parking lot. It is next to a city made running path. We can park in lot and use this as our base. We will start our walk along the sidewalk of Nees then turning onto Blackstone Ave. We will walk along the sidewalk only, according to city ordinances and permit office. We will travel to Herndon Ave and return on Blackstone’s opposite side of street…We will walk in a circle as many times as time permits..This area is known as Riverpark. It is the most populated with businesses and consumers on Sunday, which is our goal, to notify the public. I pray they see our signs and go home and Google “NDAPL”….

14222370_10210011941712478_5470195021521885009_nI’ve talked to various people, stores, offices and the majority have no idea of a pipeline entering the States. Where are the environmentalist, the Tree people? The clear division in media is prominent. We can rectify this for all people which is our goal. Knowledge is key in helping Standing Rock, Mother Earth and ourselves.

Please feel free to contact me directly anytime 559-614-2973 …”

WHEN: Sunday, September 4

WHAT TIME: 9am – 12pm

WHERE: Nees & Fresno St.