MMECCA Magazine: Volume 7

MMECCA Cover: Vol 7

Founded in Fresno, CA MMECCA is community based magazine. The purpose is to uplift groups of people that have never once been valued for who they are. In Volume 7 we cover the lifestyles of different artist archetypes. Our special feature for this volume was approved by a world renown journalist by the name of Stacy Patton, in a Facebook comment she illustrates the effects of child abuse on the brain and give our readers a introspective on child abuse and the perpetuation of racism in America.

Our monthly publications of Men Against Violent Men and Matriarchy Explained continues to invite the reader to join a more community minded perspective.  

The intention of MMECCA is to reward and highlight introspective, uplifting, insightful, community minded people. It is the power, the far sight, the 100 year plan, sustainability, understanding, expression, and beauty that allows MMECCA to shine.