Former Deputy Chief Keith Foster Headed to Trial for Federal Crimes

Keith Foster, former Deputy Chief of Police of the Fresno Police Department, is currently facing 20 years in prison after being arrested in a joint FBI/ATF raid, based on his involvement in a heroin dealing conspiracy.

Monday morning Foster rejected a plea deal that would have cut his sentence to only four years.

Foster’s defense attorney has received 40,ooo pages of evidence but is still waiting on discovery from Foster’s work computer and a software company that clones GPS locations. His attorney believes they may be key to his defense.

There are five other defendants in the case which include Foster’s nephews Dennis Foster and Randy Flowers. Both are out of custody and were offered plea deals as well. However Flowers  attorney believes that his charges have been elevated due to the involvement of the deputy chief of chief.

Foster plans to take the case to trial in 2017 and the judge may consider his position of trust when determining the length of his sentence, ironically implying that Foster will receive a lesser sentence because he was a high-ranking law enforcement official. If anything Foster should be held to a higher standard due to his position of trust in the community and not offered leniency.