Video Shows FPD Officer with High School Student in Chokehold

A video posted on Facebook shows a motorcycle officer with the Fresno Police Department in a physical struggle with a black Hoover high school student name Keyshawn. His friend Johnny was there recording; both were arrested.

According to the comments on Facebook, the officer stopped them for jaywalking and the situation escalated from there.

The video shows the officer with his hands around Keyshawn’s neck and after a minute and a half of clinching, slams Keyshawn to the ground and puts him a choke hold. The choke hold is a controversial move that has resulted in multiple deaths while in police custody. Most departments have banned their officers from using it due to the likelihood of permanent injury and death.

This is not the first time an officer has brutalized someone for jaywalking or other victim-less crimes and in the past year there have been at least three notable cases where the police unnecessarily attacked innocent people for crossing the street.

This video comes shortly after Fresno was rocked by the police killing of Dylan Noble. When you compare the videos the mindset of the officers is quite evident. Dylan never physically resisted, the situation was escalated and he was still killed. Probably because the officers were already looking for an armed individual and were in a more aggressive mindset.

In this situation, however, the officer started what was supposed to be a jaywalking stop. He never thought Keyshawn was going to be a threat to him and he never was. Keyshawn may have “resisted” but he never fought back, just doing the minimum to maintain his balance. Regardless of the physical nature of the confrontation the officer never even moved to his weapon or threatened to shoot Keyshawn. Whats even worse is the motorcycle officer probably had no intention of actually ticketing the pair – just verbally warning them – making this escalation about submitting to his authority and not about crossing the street in in an unapproved location.

If you feel that the officer used excessive force with Keyshawn, consider calling the Fresno Police Department and voicing your discontent with this officers actions.

8 Comments on "Video Shows FPD Officer with High School Student in Chokehold"

  1. Fired all of these policemen.

  2. This is crazy and it needs not to be over looked period.

  3. These two young men brought this on themselves. Had they of cooperated with these officers, they could have gotten off with a simple warning. But no, they can’t do that….they have to resist cooperating, they resist taking orders and escalate the whole situation. So very disrespectful to authority…. These officer’s put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe….they deserve our respect!!

  4. Dumb mother F’er chanting black lives matter. If they stood by those words, there would be 5000 less dead black people each year killed by other blacks and 250,000 less black baby abortions per year by black moms. So STFU already about BLM. You only chant that phony ass shit for attention. You don’t give a fuck! Just looking for a reason to protest, March down a street and cause mayhem, burn down buildings, loot, steal, and blame the cops because your momma raised you wrong.

  5. This story is based entirely on what this young man said and his friend. We don’t know what he was be stopped for and we don’t know the officers side. The video started witht he officers hand on the young man’s arm, the boy escalated it. Let’s wait until the whole story comes out before we ‘judge’

  6. What needs to happen is that when we see this and it is only one or two officers and there are more of us, we should tackle the police and free the person…or circle the person they are trying to get to, and not allow the police to get to them. We need to start fighing back. Kick a few of them in the head and his concussion will blur his “side” of events. The police have what is coming to them….

  7. This incident had nothing to do with the jaywalking and everything to do with the officer intimidating and dominating this young man’s life, when that wasn’t successful he escalated the situation. This is about privilege, and an officer making sure that young man…”knew his place”. Unacceptable and inexcusable.~VS

  8. J-Walking? Fucking Plantation Police looking for any god damn excuse.

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