Justice Speaks: Welcome to Amerikkka

Welcome To Amerikkka

Fresno, CA has once again gained national media coverage for an offensively corrupt police force. As the Nation watches the continuous terrorization of local residents, the latest form of police oppression takes place as a confrontation between a Hoover High school student and local officers.

The video which went viral ends with the high schooler on the ground, tackled, in a choke hold, screaming “I can’t breath”.  The local government here is in trouble and crumbling after years of neglect and abuse by city planners against local residence.

Yet activist and independent media outlets are on the rise. One of Fresno’s newest members to the scene is Justice Rene-Anthony Medina. A hip hop artist whom has channeled his trade into higher and more complex forms of expression. His latest song titled Welcome To Amerikkka highlights deep layers of introspection and activism.

As if planned simultaneously or some sort of divine intervention, his latest song dropped right as we watched on our feeds the horrific events explained above. With intense lyrical content speaking on tyrannical forces of local and national governments, he shares revelations of insight into the American people being blinded by “a false sense of freedom”.

This is some of the most hard-hitting and raw music to come out of Fresno, CA thus far. The hope is that he continues to express himself in a way which inspires and unites the people of Fresno, through education, honestly, and heart. Justice is one of the many whom live in dedication to providing hope and resources to insure Fresno will see a healthy community and a brighter future.

Video Collage made by Kayla Moon

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