Introducing: MMECCA Magazine


Founded in Fresno, CA MMECCA is community based magazine. The purpose is to uplift groups of people that have never once been valued for who they are.

Fresno specifically breeds talent and then exports the artists to other cities and places in the world from lack of nourishment and funding. There is no equivalent exchange for the work of artists, writers, and community journalists.

The intention of MMECCA is to reward and highlight introspective, uplifting, insightful, community minded people. It is the power, the far sight, the 100 year plan, sustainability, understanding, expression, and beauty that allows MMECCA to shine. 

MMECCA is very specific on the content we feature. It has to hit the heart, it must be revolutionary. Futuristic thinking, shocks

9bf67b_e703cf2e052b4e79853d41a315179914-mv2 of awakening, shared truths. These are all vital aspects of the entire package.

You can find the magazine at Art Hop, Mia Cuppa, Dynamite Vinyl, and online.

Featured artists change every month as do the cover artists and the backgrounds. It always fluctuates. The images are to provoke thoughts and emotions in an ever-changing holistic fashion.

If you are doing something for your community, if you want to dream the world into a better place, if you want to express your deepest self, if you have a project, or an event. Send your work to and lets make the world a better place.