Corrupt Family Court Judge Threatens Petitioner with Trespassing at Scheduled Court Appearance

Image of the sweatshirt worn by Christi into family court

In a long rant posted on Facebook Christi Ashley recounted her experience Thursday during a scheduled family court conference at which she was threatened to be arrested and charged with trespassing, if she did not leave the court room immediately. The irony of being charged for trespassing in a public building during a scheduled appearance is not lost on us.

Originally posted to Facebook by Christi Ashley.

When they finally called me up at my settlement conference today, my ex and I were told by the two pro tem judges assigned, that there was “an issue regarding a substitution of attorney” and that we were being sent to another dept to have another judge decide if we could go forward with conference today.

Sure enough it was corrupt Sacramento County family court judge James Mize on that bench. (See Divorce Corp film on Netflix for more on this jack off) I’ve had him before and I’m thinking Fuck! After listening to him destroy other families for longer than I could stomach, I walked out into the hall and there’s my ex’s attorney. He looked surprised, I’d been sending demands for him to recuse himself for conflict of interest by fax, certified mail and email for nearly a year with no response. Turns out, he was there on another case, and not for my ex.

Right before we were called before Judge Mize, my ex’s attorney came forward and asked to be removed from the case; my Ex had no clue. The judge granted his request and the attorney left the courtroom.

I had no intention of settling today and my ex didn’t even want the conference. He was just anxious to get out of there. While I waited for my chance to speak, I stood there quietly holding a folder of evidence, documents and case files in front of me. As soon as It was my turn to speak I set the folder down, exposing my “$top Family Court Crime$” sweatshirt. Oh my god! His face. Priceless!

When I was asked, I told the judge that I was extremely uncomfortable having him rule on my case, but yes I wanted the conference. Without reminding him that he’d already fucked my family a few years prior, I simply asked “Your honor? Have you seen Divorce Corp?”? Boom! I wish you would’ve been there. Needless to say, despite my ex’s request for dismissal, we were sent back to settlement conference.

I wasn’t there to settle, and neither was he. I was there to take that opportunity to get as much information to the courts, in that time, as I could, about what I know IE the judge pro tem racket, the upcoming Commission on Judicial Performance audit, due process violations, constitutional and fundamental rights violations, etc. I killed it.

When they realized I wasn’t there to settle shit, it was over. They called over a bailiff my ex keeps on standby to escort me out. (he gets one to stand next to him, every time, because he’s drama) Apparently, closing my folder took too long because the bailiff told me that I would be arrested for trespassing if I didn’t leave immediately. Trespassing, what the fuck?