Officer Appreciation Rallies To Be Held In Fresno

Two “Thin Blue Line” rallies are coming up in Fresno.

Tomorrow in Clovis at 9A.M. – Event Page

Saturday, July 30 at 5P.M. – Event Page



Editorial by FPM Contributor Indica Blue:

I wonder who will be there to issue them a violation for of blocking the sidewalks. This is sickening. Fresno PD has a death count, most recently the murder of 19 year old Dylan Noble. Concerned citizens gather in peaceful protests in and around Fresno. But instead of addressing their public’s concerns, instead of punishing Officer Quick Draw and his buddies,  they throw them a party. I can’t imagine what the families of their victims are going through. To watch as people pat your child’s murderers on the back and tell them “job well done.” Even allowing for the counter-argument of most officers being clean, at least have the decency to weed the murders out first, then give them goodies and share the warm fuzzies.