Editorial Written By Citizen Calls Out Mainstream Media Slant

Cresencio Rodriguez-Delgado cdelgado@fresnobee.com
In a letter to the editor, Ruth Jenkins made notice of mainstream media’s -in this case The Fresno Bee’s-  policy of writing articles heavily slanting to the left or right as a means of growing their readership, and thus, ad dollars. Mainstream media has used these tactics to divide their readership into a “Them vs Us” mindset- a mindset that has proven effective in selling papers, thus ad-space, thus lining their pockets.
As Ms. Jenkins stated:
“In the July 14 piece about the Black Lives Matter action the previous evening, the Rev. Floyd Harris is described as wearing “traditional African clothing.” He was not. Rev. Harris’ gown was a doctoral robe, a distinction earned when he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Ecclesia University of Divinity, with clerical vestments, representing his place as clergy”.
“How a reader perceives Rev. Harris is shaped by the language of the article: for someone reluctant to embrace the underlying motive of Black Lives Matter as one of basic human rights, such a description might fuel division or feed stereotypes”.
In an environment of civil unrest, such as we are experiencing now, it is dire that we examine everything we read with a critical eye, mindful of the purpose behind each piece. News outlets often carry the mindset and interests of its ownership. Being that mainstream media is owned by corporations and special interest groups, it stands to reason that their “news” will carry with it the slant that best serves its’  interests.