CHP Recommends Charges Against Driver in Fatal Conservation Corps Accident

California Conservation Corps is a leading provider of work experience to young adults looking to get into civil service occupations such as firefighter, medic, courtesy officers, etc.

Justin Vanmeter (21), Rhonda Shackelford (20), Serena (Guadarrama) DeGraw (18), reported to work on Feb 2, 2016 and loaded into their cargo van. They would never arrive at their work site. Instead they died in a violent, and preventable crash.

Due to pending litigation, we cannot comment as to why the driver did not see the large truck in the cross-traffic as he proceeded into it from a stop. The carnage left Justin, Rhonda, and Serena’s family without their children, forever mourning their loss. The other victim in this deadly crash, Ronnie Cruz, remains in a coma. His life, and the life of his family, forever changed. The driver and front seat passengers were unharmed in the and returned to work shortly after the accident.

The accident brings many questions to mind. Was the driver properly trained on driving the van,which handles much differently than a standard size auto? Were seat belts available in the benched, rear- cargo area?

Details to follow as they become available.

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  1. Of course he was trained to operate the van. The CCC does Vehicle 65s which make sure the vehicle is safe to roll out every morning. Anyone who wants to drive a van has to be Class B through the DMV and prove they are competent enough to the center.
    The State of CA requires that CCC drivers go through Blue Card to be able to drive state vehicles and then requires you to take defensive driving tests in order to ensure that you will be safe on the road.
    Accidents happen but I feel like the last few lines are guilt tripping the CCC driver and the Corpsmembers who checked the vehicle that morning more than they need to be.

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