“I’m voting for Trump so you leave this country” on TGI Friday’s Receipt in Fresno

Fresno is not immune to trump inspired bigotry.  The presidential candidate has empowered racists and xenophobes all over the country.

The latest example of this comes from TGI Friday’s in Fresno.

In a Facebook post, David Garcia writes:

Last night I was working and I was about to be off. We got a late rush and I decided to stay a little longer to help my coworkers with their tables. Now as a server, I am extremely nice to my guest. Including guest that are not my tables. So this table for 2 come in. It was 2 gentlemen who ordered off our endless appetizers menu. So I go over after dropping their first round and ask for their refill options so they can get their appetizers quick since their server was busy taking orders. They gladly told me their refill option and everything was good. Apparently, the 2nd round of those appetizers went over 7 min and they seemed a little disappointed. The other server asked them if they wanted a refill and they rudely said no and asked for their check. The check got dropped off. I seen they had their payment ready to go and so I went and told them that I’ll run the credit card and give them change so they won’t have to be waiting. When I came back I dropped of the change and the credit card receipt and told them to have a great rest of their night. One of the gentlemen asked me for my name and I gave it to him. Now I understand they may have been a little upset. But there was no need to single me out and make racist remarks. When first, I wasn’t there server. And second I went out of my way to help them out. It saddens me that stuff like this still goes on. There was no need for the racist remarks. A simple no tip and “service sucked” would’ve gotten your point across.


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  1. “Run the card and get them change?” Did they split the check? Did they leave a cash tip? Do we have their full names? I’m not doubting “David’s” story I just want to reach out to the customers for their side of the story… or ridicule them , but probably both.

  2. I was born and grew up in Fresno. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I left town but I’ll be damned if anyone should leave this country as the customer suggested. In case you want to make another remark…..I’m a 77 year old white guy. I wish the two men who did this enlightenment and a loveing heart.

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