San Francisco Cop Transfered to Bayview Precinct “Just to kill n****rs”

Sgt. Lawrence Kempinski, a 17-year veteran with the San Fransisco police force was reported for making racist remarks in the presence of two other department employees. Kempinski was disarmed and assigned to duty with no public contact, he currently faces termination for his statement.

A source in the department leaked his full statement to the SF Examiner.

“I only transferred to the station to ‘kill n—-rs,’” or so the source said.

The SFPD disputed that this was the actual phrase in an official address.

“We want to be perfectly clear that the phrase reported by the [Examiner] was never alleged by the Department to have been said by that member, nor did witnesses to the incident allege the member made that statement.”

However, whatever was said did merit scrutiny. “What the member did say was sufficient for Police Chief Greg Suhr to suspend the member and forward the matter to the Police Commission with a recommendation for discipline up to and including termination,”

Sgt. Kempinski also made sexual comments to a female employee. After she asked him why he wasn’t wearing his duty weapon, Kempenski replied “I got a big gun for you”.

Chief  Greg Suhr suspended Kempisnki in April and forwarded the case to the police commission recommending discipline up to and including termination.

The transparency being displayed by the SFPD and the willingness to punish Sgt. Kempenski is refreshing but is it too little too late?

The SFPD are currently in the middle of multiple scandals officer involved shootings, even more racist police texts and a hunger striking protesters saying they won’t eat until chief Suhr resigns.

Is Chief Suhr just sacrificing one of his own in order to create a smoke screen of transparency and maintain his position as Chief of police? Is San Fransisco ripe for the same type of dismantling that was started in Chicago last year after the release of the Laquan McDonald video?

Only time will tell but one thing is for sure. The SFPD is staffed with racists and degenerates, if they are a mirror image of every police department, maybe it’s time to abolish the police.