[VIDEO] Everything From the GOP Convention in San Francisco You Didn’t See on the News

Donald Trump spent some time in California this week with stops in Costa Mesa on Thursday and Burlingame on Friday. Protests erupted and clashed with police. FPM had two cameras rolling in San Fransisco where protesters not only clashed with police but also with each other.

Multiple agencies provided officers to help protect the Hyatt hotel from property damage or any other threats that may or may not have been levied against the GOP luncheon being held inside.

Using dragon sleeves, the anti Trump protesters shut down both entrances to the road. As a result, Trump was forced to exit on the freeway, hop a border of his own in order to make his way to the hotel.

During his speech the protesters rushed the barriers and a handful were successful in occupying the entrance of the Hyatt. A skirmish between the protesters and police ensued and FPM was on the front lines covering the action.

Protesters clashed with police throughout the action and a large group clashed with some Trump supporters that showed up. After a verbal exchange one of the protesters, a 20 something year old dressed in black, stole a teenage Trump supporters flag and tried to run off with it. A fight ensued in which anti Trump protesters attacked Trump supporters, as well as, themselves.

The police declared an unlawful assembly and began to use violence in order to disperse the crowd. No one was safe from their attacks and people were dragged, beaten and arrested. One girl was even shoved for no reason regardless of the fact that she was on the sidewalk.

Displays such as this happen every election year and are evidence of a the division maintained through the current political paradigm. What is never commented on is the fact that both sides regardless of party affiliation are willing to use government violence to accomplish their political views.