Clovis Parents Oppose New Transgender Bathroom Rules

New federal rules on school bathrooms are designed to protect transgender students from bullying, President Obama said Monday.

“Anybody who has been in school, in high school, who has been a parent should realize that kids who are sometimes in the minority — kids who have a different sexual orientation or are transgender — are subject to a lot of bullying, potentially,” Obama told Buzzfeed.

“They are vulnerable, and I think it’s part of our obligation as a society to make sure everybody is treated fairly, and our kids are all loved and protected, and that their dignity is affirmed,” he said.

USA Today:

The new guidelines require schools to allow transgender students to use the restroom and locker rooms that correspond to their chosen gender. And by invoking the sex discrimination law known as Title IX, the rules carry with them the threat of federal enforcement — including a loss of federal education funds. A number of state-level Republican officials have called the move federal overreach that violates the right of each state to determine education policy.

Among the opposition to the new guidelines are Clovis Unified School District parents.  Crystal Miller-Reed is hosting an event on Facebook calling for intervention.

“Fight for our kids innocence to make it far for our kids. I would like clovis unified to be a little bit more diplomatic and try to work something out so our kids can still have there privacy. We all know Clovis Unified will not give up federal funds, and I don’t want the fund to go away. The kids in the district need those funds. I would like to see changing stall in all the locker rooms and more unisex bathrooms along with the girls and boys. Let try to make our kids feel safe.”

One parent wasn’t so calm.

  • Penny Januse-This is terrible, Obama is a sick insane as hole if he thinks parents are gonna go for this !!! NOT MY GRANDAUGHTERS !!!! Keep the boys with the boys where they belong , I don’t care what they think they are, they have a pens and that makes them a FUCKING BOY
  • Penny Januse-Penis, stop changing my words facebook
Another parent reminded the group that transphobia can be supported with religion.
Cathy Ann-
“AB1266 UPDATE: You must notify your child’s school in writing before the start of the year that you have a religious objection and personal privacy right objection for your child when it comes to AB1266.
See Section titled: [Privacy and Religious Rights of Other Students] in link below: “
Do students in Clovis really need a third bathroom option, or are these parents just being bigots? Tell us what you think in the comments.