(Video) New Mexico Cop Shoots Fellow Cop 8 Times

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —A day after the city of Albuquerque settled a lawsuit with an undercover detective shot by his own lieutenant, body camera footage of the shooting has been released.

In the video, undercover detective Jacob Grant was shot at least eight times by Lt. Greg Brachle.

The video shows Brachle exiting a truck and approaching the targeted vehicle. He then opens the back door of the car and fires several shots.

Brachle screams in shock after realizing he shot one of his own.

“I’m sorry,” Brachle screams. “I didn’t know it was you … I thought you were a bad guy.”

Grant survived the incident, but he has undergone multiple surgeries, and has been in and out of a hospital. He settled his lawsuit against the city for $6.5 million.

According to KOAT 7 Abc, the city has shelled out almost $40 million in settlements since 2010 when it comes to lawsuits facing the Albuquerque Police Department.

The city also agreed to pay for Grant’s medical expenses for the rest of his life and will receive a medical retirement.

The Police Oversight Agency recommended that Brachle be fired, but he retired before that could happen.

Edward Harness, the agency’s executive director, says that Brachle made mistakes that could have been prevented with common sense.

Brachle didn’t attend a briefing for the drug bust and responded when he learned that the bust was happening.

Not knowing specific details of the bust, Brachle interjected and shot his own colleague.

“It should have been evident to Brachle where Grant was in that car,” Harness said.

In the body camera video, Brachle was listening to radio communications where both of the suspects were described as African-American.

Harness says that Brachle should have known who Grant was the moment he opened the door of the car.

This is not the first shooting Brachle has been involved in. According to a lawsuit filed in 2000, a man was in a fight with his ex-wife and a neighbor. The suit claims Brachle shot the man as he left the house with his hands in the air.

According to the report, the man was charged with assault on a peace officer.

Watch the video below.  Warning: Graphic content

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  1. When a cop opens fire like this on another cop… one he personally knows, and is in fact his subordinate in the same department… MAYBE the argument that the police are too quick to shoot people isn’t so crazy.

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