Justice for John Lang Protest Planned in Front of Police Headquarters

lang-1Police officers monitor Lang's home.

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In light of John Lang’s death being ruled a suicide, I am organizing a peaceful protest in front of Fresno PD Headquarters on Sunday, April 3rd at 12:00pm. All are welcome to this peaceful demonstration.

I’m organizing a protest this Sunday at in front of Fresno PD headquarters. I will be out there at noon. I will be there…

Posted by Brandon Freeman on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Editors Note – Dylan Donnelly:

Despite John Lang’s death being officially ruled a suicide, many still believe members of the Fresno Police Department are responsible.  I recently saw a comment on Cop Block Fresno CA that made me chuckle.  It said “Sorry all your conspiracy theories got blown away, not…“.  Obviously this person doesn’t understand how conspiracy theories work. But John’s story isn’t just a conspiracy theory.  It’s a testament to how little trust people have for the police. It’s a testament to failure; to a disconnect between the police department and the people they propose to serve.  These myopic comments do not address the reasons people believe the police would murder a dissident.  These comments do not address the distrust of local news media, who collude with police by omitting information.  These comments do not address the conflicts of interest in police investigations that foster distrust.  The damage is done, and it was done before John ever mentioned being murdered by law enforcement. Residents of Fresno have grievances, and they are absolutely warranted.

I have tried to maintain a position of neutrality in all of this, as I have my own theories about John’s demise.  But it seems that promoting transparency and the free flow of information is not a neutral stance. I will support those who dissent against the same system. I hope this protest serves as an opportunity for like-minded people to connect, to practice their rights, and for the police to reflect about their role in society.  #JusticeForJohnLang

Dustin Moralez, son of the late Fresno Police Officer Jose Moralez, is one of many Fresno residents who don’t buy the official story, and he explains why:

The irony of this case completely makes me think of my dad’s “suicide.” Fresno Police, initially, say he had stab wounds…

Posted by Dustin Moralez on Friday, April 1, 2016