Donald Trump to Speak in Fresno, Join the Protest

Donald Trump

According to a GOP source, Donald Trump is planning to hold a campaign event in Fresno on Thursday.

The visit has not been finalized.

Trump is also expected to speak in Bakersfield the same day, and in the Bay Area on the 29th.

Luis Ojeda says:

“Rumor has it Trump will be in Fresno on Thursday. If that is the case, let’s show him that Fresno does not stand for racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, misogyny or any other form of hatred.

Stay tuned for more details”

JOIN THE EVENT PAGE and stay tuned!

Last year a group in Fresno formally requested that City Council denounce Trump.

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  1. Please stand in the middle of the street so I can run you over 🙂

  2. Yeah you people just keep on fucking up California…

  3. Trump all the way . Hes the best for our country. Do ur homework. Whats really going on

  4. Really? He is the only Republican candidate that is authentic!

  5. Shut up PUNK ill be their in your Punk face!

  6. He must really scare you fucking moron name calling is hatred your guilty you pussy and I am not for Trump but if you’re going to slander him that is in American your probably not legal anyway

  7. Not a Trump supporter but I will stand and fight for his right to speak!!!!

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