“Dispatches from the War Zone” Author Talk w/ Mike Rhodes

You’re not going to want to miss Author Talk with former Community Alliance editor and homeless advocate Mike Rhodes. Rhodes will be talking about his recently published book “Dispatches from the War Zone” an in depth collection of over a decade of journalism and advocacy from one of the greatest reporters to cover the issue of homeless in Fresno and the US.


Event #1

When: Monday, April 11 @6pm

Where: Gillis Branch Library. 629 W Dakota Ave. 559-225-0140

Event #2

When: Wednesdat, April 20 @6pm

Where: Betty Rodriguez Regional Library. 3040 N Cedar Ave. 559-600-9245

Mike Rhodes, community activist and former editor of the Community Alliance, has written a book called “Dispatches from the War Zone.” Inside of its cover is the harrowing story of a city that systematically attacked its homeless population you wont hear from the mainstream media.

Rhodes has been reporting on homelessness for over a decade, primarily for the Community Alliance and IndyBay.com

Mike’s book “Dispatches from the War Zone is the culmination of over a decades worth of unapologetic reporting that often put him at odds with government officials, the police and many of the social service agencies. It combines the pieces of the puzzle in order to uncover the full picture of exactly what has been unfolding in Fresno when it comes to the treatment of homeless people.

Somewhere in the back of our minds we all know that if circumstances had been different, if we had a serious health problem, a job loss, mental illness or an untreated addiction, that we too could be homeless. We need to treat the homeless like we would like to be treated if we found ourselves on the street with nowhere to sleep. – Mike Rhodes

Dispatches from the War Zone is available online from Amazon.