Sheriff’s Deputy Could Face Charges in Daughter’s Death

A criminal complaint is expected to be filed in Madera County against a San Joaquin County sheriff’s deputy.

Deputy Gerardo Flores’ wife has already been charged with the murder and torture in the death of their 12-year-old adopted daughter.  Flores, who has been with the sheriff’s office for 11 years, has been placed on administrative leave, and could face additional administrative action if he is charged with a criminal offense.

“We have not been officially notified of any charges from the Madera district attorney.  If we are notified that charges will be filed, it will be handled appropriately. At that point it would become a personnel issue and I would not be able to discuss details, but we hold our deputy sheriffs to the highest standards.” said Deputy Les Garcia, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office.

The Madera County District Attorney’s Office said that Flores is under an ongoing investigation and a criminal complaint will be filed in the near future. A spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office, John Bell, did not say what Flores will be charged with, but they may include failure to report child abuse, he said. The California Child Abuse Neglecting Reporting Law states that police officers and foster parents are required to report cases of suspected child abuse.

“I think he’s going to have a new residence within the next two weeks, local here in Madera County.” said David Linn, Madera County District Attorney.

Deputy Flores’ wife, 42-year-old Amy Chavoya, is charged with murder, torture, and willful cruelty to a child.

Prosecutors allege Chavoya caused extreme pain and suffering to her adopted daughter and the girl’s 14-year-old brother, Christopher.  The girl died from the abuse in October 2014.

Prosecutors said they still have not decided if they will pursue the death penalty.

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  1. nancy patterson | December 18, 2015 at 10:31 pm |

    there is no way to get around the fact he lives in the same residence while the abuse was going on and he did nothing to save her or even report the abuse. that makes him a party to the crime, in my opinion. how sad for the children to be adopted by people and think they had been rescued only to be murdered by them. what a betrayal and to make it even worse, in a cops own home. i’m sure that fact was used to deter the child from seeking help from others too. what a horrific betrayal of these kids and of the adoption process. it sickens me to think of the sad life of these children and now the boy is left without his sibling, the one permanent thing he had in life. So they have taken so much more than just the life of this little girl. they took away any trust the kids had and any security they thought they had found and any blood relative this little boy had to share his life with. there is no punishment that will bring justice for him. he will be suffering the repercussions and loss from this crime long after she is sentenced for her crime. i hope he is now with a loving family who will renew his faith in humanity.

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