Fresno Police Search Wrong House, Shoot Family’s Pet Dog

Fresno Police Shoot Dog

Fresno, CA–
December 13th 2014, Fresno Police Officers killed a family’s pet dog, after profiling a 19-year-old and his friend.  Felicia Rodriguez tells Cop Block Fresno her teenage son and his friend were wrongfully detained at gunpoint while standing in front of their own home.

eazyResponding to shots fired somewhere in the neighborhood, F.P.D. detained the boys, opening a gate to do so and letting the families pet dog, Eazy, out of the yard.  When Eazy walked out of the open gate, he came in contact with a K9 officer and did what playful dogs do.  The K9’s handler shot Eazy five times, killing him in front of his family that adored the companion for seven years.

Rodriguez writes: “He didn’t charge or attack the dog nor any officers. He was never trained to be that way and he did nothing but be loveable and playful with anyone he came in contact with. While my son was detained, he had to watch helplessly while they murdered his best friend in cold blood. “

While the teenagers were witnessing the murder of their four-legged friend from the back seat of police cars, Fresno police officers ransacked the home without consent or a search warrant.  After no guns were found in the house, the boys were free to go and the police left the scene, and left the family traumatized.

“…and to add insult to injury, they ADMITTED to us they had the WRONG ADDRESS… and because of their negligence, our beloved Eazy had to pay with his life. This has turned our world upside down. My 19 year old is scarred for life, my 10 year old is deeply heartbroken over the loss of his companion too.”

eazy2F.P.D. told Felicia Rodriguez the dog “charged officers”, but the family insists the dog was friendly and wanted to play.

The family is demanding justice for their murdered loved one via Facebook on the page “Justice for Eazy”.

From Justice for Eazy on Facebook:
“A police officer is no better than those of us not in uniform when committing such a horrendous act.”

“The FPD should be held accountable for their actions. The Fresno Police Department has a shameful history of police brutality, unnecessarily shooting people and dogs and not being held accountable.”

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  1. Cops get away with murder all the time. Its disgusting to go to trial in your little brothers excessive force case and watch them trot out their over used spiel. “We were in fear for our lives. We thought he had a gun. He lunged. Its disgusting to sit in court, see video , hear testimony, watch officers sworn testimony against my brother partially impeached, hear how officers laughed about the extent of damage suffered by my brother as he was murdered. Its beyond belief to hear a self righteous jury rule that officers did nothing wrong. All this in that face of video and eyewitnesses. Murder!

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