Fresno Police Officers Found Not Guilty in 2010 Excessive Force Case (VIDEO)

A Hoover high school teen who was assaulted by 2 Fresno Police officers in 2010 has lost her Excessive force case. Idalia Morgutia- Johnson told ABC30 that she is still hurting from the incident.

The incident started with police trying to clear out non paying Hoover High teens from Big Mamas restaurant. When the officers got to her, there was a dispute over whether or not she had placed an order. The police escalated the situation, and in the video you can see one of the officers holing her on the ground, and even dragging her to their car by the neck. Even though she was never charged with a crime, it took a jury under an hour to find the officers and city innocent, and neither will be liable for the incident.

Watch the video.

The amount force used on someone who was never charged with a crime including a powerful hold around the teenage girls neck that suspended her off the ground. Similar to the one that resulted in the death of Eric Garner, seems extremely excessive from my point of view. Another unsettling fact is that they were able to act like bullies, or thugs, and abuse this girl, even though she was claiming to be a paying customer.

They acted like bullies, and thugs, and still were found innocent.

Can you imagine what the jury would have ruled if you or I were on trial for starting a fight in a restaurant, and fleeing the scene with a hostage?