California No Longer Requiring Payment Before Contesting Traffic Fines

Monday morning legislators voted unanimously to end the “pay to play” system that forced recipients of traffic tickets to pay the fine, before contesting the infraction. This type of justice was obviously very selective. If you were unable to fork over the full amount of your fine, you would be unable to schedule a day in court.

The U.S. Constitution states that we are innocent until proven guilty, and extorting people in order to participate in the justice system, is a prime example of how the state will manipulate any aspect in order to generate revenue to continue its existence.

California Traffic FinesLong has this system been victimizing the population of California with every county participating in this illegal practice. I wouldn’t know where to start looking on accurate statistics to depict the number of licenses suspended, cars impounded or lives negatively impacted by this type of selective justice.

The continuance of these kinds of practices have lead to over 10 billion being owed to the state in traffic fines.

This emergency legislation comes at a time when the Sacramento bureaucrats are preparing to vote on a law that will slash the cost of delinquent fines, provide payment plans and reinstate driver’s licenses that have been suspended for nonpayment and failure to appear in court.

This is a step in the right direction for Ca, doing away with unjust measures that in the long run do nothing to serve justice, and in fact only continue the cycle of poverty, by creating just one more hurdle to overcome in order to provide a reasonable existence for your family.