Bigot Protests At Mosque, Gets Interview With Anderson Cooper

photo credit: theepochtimes.comProtesters gather outside the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, Friday, May 29, 2015. About 500 protesters gathered outside the Phoenix mosque on Friday as police kept two groups sparring about Islam far apart from each other. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Phoenix, AZ – Jon Ritzheimer organizes a ‘Drawing Mohammed’ protest against ‘Islam’ and shows up with over 200 people armed with military expertise to a mosque in Phoenix. Anderson Cooper gives him an interview. The attention Cooper brings to light is actually really sound. How can you show up armed to a protest, and claim it is peaceful? There is a bigger point to highlight however, why are citizens that protest other causes treated with such inferiority? If I showed up with all my friends to a baptist church armed. I’d likely be in jail, and labeled a terrorist.

The implications behind the rally Ritzheimer put on are horrendous. He is a bigot, and no judge to any person regardless of religious choice, or otherwise. So why would A.C. 360 give him an interview? Because mainstream news outlets (even liberal ones) are biased towards an agenda that makes activists look negative.

CNN gave Ritzheimer an interview before his rally, giving him publicity. Then during the interview bashes him for the bigotry he displays on national news. Pattern?

Hundreds… in fact, the same amount of people that showed up armed to Ritzheimers’ event were matched by those out there willing to wall themselves in front of the mosque to peacefully protest Ritzheimer, and his ridiculous mob. Dozens of police lined the street in front of the mosque, and businesses in the area closed their doors for the day due to the event.

When communities organize, it’s to raise awareness against or for something that they are bringing factual evidence there is a problem about. Ritzheimer calls his rally a protest. It was protested, and I’d say better than the one he put on, yet where is the focus of ‘Murican media?

James Job