Fresno Police Accountability Activist Arrested on Trumped Up Charges

While waiting for a friend in Rotary park on the corner of Cedar and Sierra, I was accosted by Fresno Police Sgt. Andy Murcado.  I asked if I was being detained.  Sgt. Murcado claimed that I was detained for making a threatening gesture or causing a disturbance.  A female officer joined Mercado, and began to talk to my friend.

Murcado attempts to convince me to stop recording, and voluntarily surrender to police custody because now I’m resisting arrest. When asked what crime I committed to be arrested for, Sgt. Murcado again fails to clearly articulate, and mumbles a sentence about resisting arrest. This entire time this conversation is happening Murcado is holding me hostage with a taser, and eventually with the help of 2 other officers forces me to submit to arrest and I was placed in cuffs, and transported to the jail for processing.

The reason you are just seeing this footage now, is because this case was dismissed, but no one ever told me about it so I could claim my property.  I finally found out the case was dismissed and retrieved the video.

5 Comments on "Fresno Police Accountability Activist Arrested on Trumped Up Charges"

  1. That’s why we call them pigs.

  2. Why people want to KILL cops.

  3. and they use Private property to haul cars into teh lot, that takes a lot of nerve

  4. What as*holes, all three of them! Real stupid jerks. Where’s the “good cop” stepping up to stop this? Oh, that’s right, they all just went along with an unlawful detainment and subsequent arrest where charges were eventually dismissed. F’ ing thugs!!!! This has me scared to even leave my house.

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