Annual Fresno Bully Walk Happening This Sunday

Fresno, CA  The 2015 Fresno Bully Walk, hosted by Fresno Bully Rescue will be held this Sunday starting at the Mountain View Picnic area in Woodward park. Registration is only $15 per adult, and you can pre-register online at this website.

The registration on site will happen from 9 AM until 10 AM when the 2 mile hike is scheduled to proceed. This event is not inclusive of just bully breeds, all breeds are welcome. Come on out , after the walk there will be family and dog friendly vendors, face painting, and cute doggies dressed in Hawaiian outfits!

There are only a few rules to follow:

1. Absolutely NO retractable leashes or heavy chain leashes may be used.

2. No aggressive behavior is allowed, please do not put your pet in a situation that it is not ready for, also remember to give other dogs their space too!

3. Leashes MUST be kept ON at all times. NO off-leash walking is allowed.

4. Please clean up after your pet. Make sure any pups are current on their vaccines!

5. Stay hydrated! There will be several water/cool down stations provided for your dog to enjoy while on the walk. There will also be water bottles for sale at the event for $1 each.

6. Wear good walking shoes! The walk is mostly on grass & dirt so some surfaces may be uneven. Good shoes will help you keep your balance when you have an excited dog tugging on the leash.

7. Please do not let children hold the leash. All dogs must be under the supervision of adults.