Police misconduct in Fresno is not an "isolated incident"

Fresno Police Headquarters

Fresno, CA

“This is an isolated incident and one that could not have been foreseen,” Mayor Ashley Swearengin said in a press conference concerning the arrest of deputy police chief Keith Foster.

Foster was arrested last month following a federal drug investigation involving the FBI and ATF.  He’s charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana, oxycodone, and heroin.

City Manager Bruce Rudd also touted FPD and Chief Dyer, saying “…when I’m asked whether or not this incident has shaken my confidence in Chief Dyer, let me reiterate, the answer is no. I believe we are blessed to have Chief Dyer as our chief, as well as the other men and women of the Fresno Police Department.”

There may not have been other officers involved in the particular drug deals Foster was busted for, but this kind of behavior is not isolated.  In February alone, Fresno police officers made headlines on three occasions.

Eleven Fresno police officers are being accused in a lawsuit of illegally seizing over $100,000 from two business partners.

Former Fresno Police Officer, Alfred Campos, has been criminally charged following a stolen vehicle investigation started in January of 2014.

Derik Carson Kumagai, 41, plead guilty to the charges of accepting a $20,000 bribe when he was a police detective in 2013.

Though city officials are portraying the arrest of Keith Foster as an isolated incident that shocked the entire city, nobody in Fresno is actually surprised that another cop is being charged with criminal behavior.

We remember when Fresno police officers were arrested for stealing cars in 2009.  Chief Dyer said he was “shocked”.

We remember when Alfred Campos was suspected of criminal behavior in 2006 before his eventual arrest earlier this year.  Campos’ home was subject of a drug raid that resulted in the seizure of several pounds of methamphetamine.

We also remember Chief Dyer’s early career, when the Fresno police department conducted a probe into statutory rape allegations that he has yet to deny.  In fact, he basically admitted to sleeping with a 16-year-old girl and continued to become the Chief of Police.

We remember when Fresno police officer William Wyatt was arrested for raping a woman.

We remember when four Fresno police officers were indicted by a federal grand jury in 2010 for civil rights violations.

We remember the national headlines in ’09 when Fresno police officers beat Glen Beaty.

No, the arrest of Keith Foster is not an isolated incident, it’s the latest instance in a pattern of lawlessness and corruption.

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  1. Well said this should be sent to the bee you did a great job of reminding us of the police coruption in fresno

  2. Meet too many women who speak about being “frisked” repeatedly by male officers for this to be an isolated case. Between their “Camo” SWAT team who respond to domestic disputes and this, it is just another department that is going to be shook like a rage in a dogs mouth.
    Time for Federal Intervention.

  3. Wow, so they shot him and circumsized him, she just needs somebody to blame. Lmao

  4. I would like to know when I will see some articles regarding Fresno Sheriff Mims and her minons? Dyer should have been charged and had to register like anyone else he’s a pervert and looks maybe even a murder. I will never understand how anyone thinks he’s this great guy doing a good job our mayor is mental! It’s time to expose all these departments chp, fso, fpd! Mims and her misuse of funds from the ab109 needs to be looked into! Thank you for another great article! I appreciate you not being scared to report the truth like freasno bee!

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