Lawsuit: San Diego police shot two people in their home for no reason

San Diego police

San Diego police

Two people are suing the City of San Diego and the police department after police allegedly shot both plaintiffs through the front window of the house they were staying in.

According to the complaint, police came to the residence to investigate possible drug activity.  An officer knocked on the window with a flash light, and it broke.  Henry Gonzales was sleeping in the living room and began to stand when he was startled by the breaking window.  The police officer began shooting inside of the house, wounding the two plaintiffs.

“…members of the narcotics-enforcement team from the San Diego Police Department went to plaintiff’s residence…to serve a search warrant. One of the officers knocked on a window of the residence to announce their presence, which broke.

“Plaintiff Henry Gonzalez was sleeping in the living room when startled by the noise began to stand and was shot several times by an officer. The officer believed defendant… grabbed a gun, and the officer started firing several rounds without cause into the window, wounding both plaintiffs. [Gonzalez] was shot several times on his hip causing permanent injuries. [Castro] was shot several times in her legs, causing permanent injuries. Plaintiffs were transported via ambulance to a local hospital.”

Attorneys for Gonzalez and Castro say the city is liable for “unreasonable, unjustified, and excessive force” by the police officer. They’re seeking damages from the city and the police department, saying the city failed to train and supervise the officers involved.

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  1. mike smith | March 5, 2015 at 2:36 am |

    Forget a civil suit, this pathetic excuse for a police officer needs to be charged with murder.

  2. brian fontaine | July 1, 2015 at 2:19 am |

    I am a fishspotter pilot having flown over so cal waters for years solo and the number of things which have happened to me with their specialized frequencies(microwave) will be mind boggling to you if you talk to me

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