(VIDEO) Stockton Police Kill, Hours After Activists Address Police Brutality at City Council

Hours after a group of police accountability activists, cop watchers, and family members of those affected by police brutality in Stockton, Ca took to the streets in a public call to fire Houston Sensabaugh. The Stockton PD killed a man who banging on the side of a house with a hammer.

Community activists and family members marched to the city council meeting intent on having their voices heard. Dan Paradise started the dialogue with statements about police corruption and violence, as well as their knowledge of the law, and treatment of the disabled.

The sister of Gary Hawkins asked the city council why the coroners report had not been released on her brother death at the hands of Houston Sensabaugh. Officer Sensabaugh claimed that Gary was trying to back over him with his car, so he had to shoot him to save his own life. He used the same excuse when he shot and killed Edwardo De Las Nieves 6 months earlier.

The mother of a mentally handicapped 18-year-old pleaded with the city council, telling the story of how officer Sensabaugh had deployed his K9 on her mentally disabled son James. James was standing in front of the city council with his shirt up, revealing the scars on his torso. His mother stated that there were bite marks on his leg, as well as near his penis. James spent 3 days in jail over the incident, and was charged with resisting an officer.

Aaron Paradiso applauded the council on calling for cameras for police, but feels the cameras would be better used if they were assigned to the cops with a history of using their weapons. He offered condolences to council member Fugazi who was harassed by the Stockton police while driving with her boyfriend, and brought up the fact that council member Tubbs (Stockton’s youngest city council member) was arrested for driving while drunk. He asked the city council to seriously consider a new police chief. It was about this time that the microphone was turned off, as Aaron was no longer to speak.

To only reenforce the criticism of those who marched to the city council in a call to end police corruption, and fire killer cops the Stockton police department shot and killed Matautu Nuu. Stockton PD responded to a call about a drunk man vandalizing a residence. When they arrived they found Nuu standing on the corner holding a hammer. Stockton PD deployed a K9 named “Nitro” to bring Nuu down, but Nuu reportedly struck the dog with the hammer. In an attempt to rescue the K9, officers deployed multiple taser’s. The police claim the taser’s had no effect, and Nuu then tried to attack them with the hammer so they had to shoot him but eyewitness reports are different.

Lisa Le who lives a few houses from Nuu said that he was unarmed when the police shot him.

“He dropped the hammer after they Tased him twice,” she said. “He dropped the hammer and then the police shot him three times in the stomach. We all saw him die. Even the kids saw it. They shot him for no reason.”

Nuu’s sister said that he was stumbling to the ground when officers Griffin, and Schafer opened fire.

“He was already falling, you know, leaning, and then they shot him,”

The SPD are asking that anyone with video footage to contact a protocol investigator in order to maintain the integrity of the investigation.  Griffin, and Schaffer have been placed on a 3 days paid administration leave in compliance with SPD’s protocol for all officers involved in shootings.


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  1. tony the wrench | February 5, 2015 at 10:17 pm |

    You have good relevant things to say, please start proof reading so your audience begins taking you seriously. Please.

  2. Fresno County Sheriff;s frustrated Fed’s are not busting legal pot gardens? Maybe I smoke too much medicinal marijuana for recreational us at home “this” frustration confuses me.

  3. Stanley Eisom | March 3, 2015 at 6:55 am |

    Modern day leaching, black genocide just a few of the names we can call what’s happening today it did matter if they killed a black man back then and the powers that be is showing us it don’t matter now. The police will continue to kill until they’re held accountable for murders their commiting

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