Oakland, CA – 8 Thousand March in Largest Anti-Fracking Demonstration in History

March for Real Climate Leadership - Oakland, CAMarch for Real Climate Leadership - Oakland, CA
March for Real Climate Leadership - Oakland, CA

March for Real Climate Leadership – Oakland, CA

Oakland, CA–

After 3 years of severe drought, the ramifications of expanding fracking operations are becoming very real for many Californians.  As the state allows oil and gas companies to pump billions of gallons of waste water into protected aquifers, the rest of us are subject to water restrictions.

Environmentalists continue to organize large demonstrations demanding Gov. Jerry Brown fulfill promises to lead the nation in renewable energy.  Last March, 4,000 people assembled at the Capitol calling for an end to hydraulic fracturing in the state.  Saturday, thousands marched in Oakland, Jerry Brown’s home city, for “Real Climate Leadership”.

via: marchforclimateleadership.org

10,000 Californians will take to the streets of Oakland on Saturday for the March for Real Climate Leadership, the largest demonstration against fracking in U.S. history. The marchers, representing a broad coalition of organizations including labor unions, local environmental justice groups, and national NGO’s, will demand Gov. Jerry Brown step up and truly lead in the fight against climate change by ending the use of fracking in California.

Numerous studies and reports have shown fracking worsens climate change, exacerbates the state’s historic drought, and jeopardizes the health of residents. The science has persuaded other state leaders, including New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, to step up and take action against the practice. Yet despite Gov. Brown’s stated ambition for California to be an international leader in the fight against climate change, he has thus far refused to take a stance against fracking, which has been shown to be a risky and carbon-intensive form of oil extraction.

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