Fresno Police Officer Charged with Auto-Theft, Home Raided for Drugs in 2006

Officer Campos Fresno Police Department

Former Fresno Police Officer, Alfred Campos, has been criminally charged following a stolen vehicle investigation started in January of 2014.  Campos drove a truck to a mechanic who learned the VIN number of the vehicle was reported stolen.  The mechanic called police, and Campos was placed on administrative leave.  Police searched Campos’ home, finding tens of thousands of dollars in cash.  They also searched an auto repair shop he owns in Central Fresno.

Police say Campos checked the VIN twice using his police computer, but Campos denies knowing the truck was stolen.  The man Campos bought the truck from, Brian Cruz, admits to stealing the vehicle in Virginia. He said him and Campos were working together to buy and sell stolen cars.  Campos no longer works for the police department, but this isn’t the first time he’s made headlines.

In 2006, his home was raided in a drug bust that turned up nearly 3 pounds of methamphetamine and $70,000 in cash.  Two of his brothers were charged in the bust but Campos evaded charges and returned to work.

One of the brothers charged in the drug bust, 32-year-old Jose Guzman, was found murdered, burned in a Chevy truck, while he was out on bond.

The same year, Campos was accused of excessive force in a lawsuit against the police department.

Campos is also a repeat shooter, drawing attention from civil rights groups.

Campos was arrested, but posted a $25,000 bond.  He’s scheduled to enter a plea next month.


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