911 Dispatcher Encourages Suicidal Man to Kill Himself in Facebook Post

Danielle Trenholm

Fresno, CA–
Feb. 15, 2015

Sunday evening Abc30 reported on their Facebook page that a man in Southeast Fresno was in his car with a gun, threatening to shoot himself.  After a few hours, Fresno P.D. negotiated a surrender; continuing a streak of successfully de-escalating situations with armed individuals in volatile situations.

But some commenters weren’t expressing concern for the elderly man, and one was particularly disturbing.  Danielle Trenholm, wife of CHP Officer Michael Trenholm, and emergency dispatcher in the City of Fresno:


Danielle is the very person responsible for relaying information between the police and someone who may be experiencing a mental crisis.

It’s apparent 911 dispatchers are vital for an appropriate response from first responders.  Nuances in communication can mean the difference between life and death, especially involving law enforcement.

For our readers who wish to make a formal complaint, contact the Internal Affairs Division of the Fresno Police Department @ 559-621-2730.

You can find further contact information HERE, though from my experience, F.P.D. doesn’t respond to their emails, even after repeated inquiries.