11 Fresno Police Officers Accused of Stealing $100,000

Fresno Police Steal $100,000Fresno Police Steal $100,000

Fresno Police Steal $100,000

Eleven Fresno police officers are being accused in a lawsuit filed Thursday of illegally seizing over $100,000 from two business partners.  Plaintiffs of the lawsuit accuse corrupt cops of stealing money from them in a bogus raid in 2013.

Kevin Little, the plaintiffs attorney says:

“We are suing the officers who we understand to be involved in this taking; this theft.”

One of the officers accused, recently plead guilty to accepting a $20,000 bribe from a suspected drug trafficker.

“It certainly is an issue that we anticipate the jury will hear and consider as part of evidence in this case,” Little said.

The complaint states police alleged the business partners were selling illegal gambling devices, raided the business and seized the money.  The plaintiffs claim only half of the money ever made it to the evidence room.

The men were never charged with illegal gambling activity and claim the police targeted them.

Little says:

“Police misconduct like this is of an extreme and dishonest nature and goes to the heart of the public confidence in the police in general, and when something like this occurs it has to not only be exposed but rectified.”

Chief Dyer released a statement saying the officers actions were appropriate:

“Although the city of Fresno has not been officially served with the complaint, we believe the actions of the officers were appropriate and will be prepared to defend them in the civil proceedings.” Said Dyer.

The men are suing for $100,000 they claim was never returned to them.

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  1. Where there is power and money. There shall be corruption. Nuff said.

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