[Video] Cops Attack Counter-protest at Capitol, Block Public Sidewalk for Protesters Only


Jan. 18, 2015
A counter-protest to last weekends “Support Law Enforcement Rally at the California State Capitol was not received well by the police officers that had to work on Sunday.  It didn’t take long after the protesters began marching to the Capitol from Crocker Park, before marchers were opportunistically snatched from the protest and put in the back of police cars.

California State Capitol - Black Lives Matter Protest

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

One person was cited and released; while two others were arrested moments afterwards, one of them reportedly charged with felony resisting arrest.  After a violent confrontation involving one persons head hitting pavement, the march continued to the Capitol, but the protest was not allowed anywhere in Capitol Park.

At one point, CHP and Sacramento Police blocked a public sidewalk, for protesters only; even across the street from the park.  The protesters understood they wouldn’t be welcomed to disrupt the permitted rally on Capitol grounds (even though events there are typically open to the public), but they were quite surprised when they weren’t allowed to travel on the public sidewalk where cops arbitrarily decided they weren’t free to walk.

A standoff ensued with protestors demanding to see the event permit that permitted the sidewalk blockade. The CHP wasn’t able to provide a copy of any paperwork that permitted such a blockade; regardless, they continued to block the sidewalk for certain individuals.

Organizers are asking participants to join a class action lawsuit against the City of Sacramento for violating the groups civil rights.


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