Did Madera Sheriff's Department Cover Up A Jail Riot? Did Inmates Attempt Takeover?

Madera, CA–
Reports from multiple major networks on Monday relayed “Attempted Takeover at Madera County Jail“.  Rick Montanez from Abc30 was the first to tweet about the incident at 9:19pm, saying:

“@MaderaSheriff’s office confirms deputies assisting investigation of attempted takeover at County Jail.”

A similar tweet was made by Raquel Cervantes, a reporter from CBS47.  Liz Gonzalez from KMPH elaborated about this takeover on her twitter account, saying:

“#Madera Co. Sheriff’s Dept. confirms there was an attempted takeover of County Jail tonight, in one module. 1/2”

“2/2 Sheriff’s Dept. was called to help, after inmates overtook Correctional officers around 8:30 tonight.  Order restored within an hour.”

Around 10:30pm, Madera Sheriff’s Department took to twitter, to apparently change their story, stating:

“No takeover attempt at Madera County Department of Corrections.  Area law enforcement called in to assist fight between inmates.”

Abc30 affirms: “The sheriff’s department first reported an attempted takeover.”

Many Facebook commenters were quick to implicate the lousy and sensationalist reporting of the media for the confusion.  Others regurgitated what they were told by the Madera County Sheriff’s Department; “It was just a fight”.  But some commenters were corroborating what appears to be a cover-up by the Sheriff’s Department.

One commenter said:

“It was a lil more than a fight, but my lips are sealed.”


“Evidently it involved three different modules. Some people were injured. Windows broken, floods, jail is on lockdown.”


Yep listened as it happened on my scanner…”


now this whu i said i seen hella cops

Commenter on another thread:

Something happened between 8:30 and 9 at the jail because there were a lot if sirens headed there for about 20 mins

The Sheriff’s Department isn’t offering any other details into the incident, and Madera County Department of Corrections is also declining to comment on the matter.

It isn’t clear what exactly happened at Madera County Jail Monday night, but it’s clear that something happened that warranted “hella cops” to assist correctional officers.  Unfortunate for a free press, the information given by those who know what happened behind concrete walls last night, leaves no option but to speculate, or take their word for it.  Some people aren’t buying the official story though, and believe that something much more serious than a fight took place.

Facebook commenter:
Just a cover up cuz I’m sure many officers over there don’t follow regulations. Also they don’t want state to check it out I’m sure and don’t want the real story loose so they make up what they want us to believe.