Sacramento Police Disrupt Homeless Feeding, Arrest 3 at City Hall Meeting

Sacramento, Ca —  Many cities have put ordinances in place to make it illegal to feed groups of people without a permit. Sacramento happens to be one of these cities and many people are upset by this. Why are people upset? Because these ordinances make it difficult and more costly for people to help out the homeless with a hot meal.

So a group of activist came together and put on a community dinner for the homeless, and no they didn’t have a permit. The event took place right in front of the Sacramento city hall and about 200 people came out to enjoy the event. The group is working to make this an ongoing event to continue helping out Sacramento’s homeless, they also do this to show people you don’t need a permit to help your fellow man, even if it means risking arrest.

There was one point during the event where the cops decided to make their presence known by disrupting the feeding, by moving the tables of food from city property to public property.

Here is the video of police disrupting the event–

No arrest were made at the community dinner however three where arrested afterwards at the city council meeting. This happened when Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson left the meeting right before public comments, where the activists intended to speak on Sacramento’s homeless problems. The three got charged with disturbing a public meeting.

Here is some video of the arrest’s–

3 Comments on "Sacramento Police Disrupt Homeless Feeding, Arrest 3 at City Hall Meeting"

  1. Laura Rubalcaba | May 1, 2015 at 2:42 pm |

    it would be nice if this article was dated. It’s being shared 6 months after it happened. It happened in December 2014. Nice work!

  2. Funny how one of the Council members states their hands are tied, they can only “discuss” an issue on the “offical” docket, thats BS. Then she states all people are given two whole minutes to talk and this is important part of government. If that were true, she’d have a two minute time limit, but her “chat” about the rules took longer than the alotted two minutes.
    So, if that unimportant BS took longer than two minutes to say, then when citizens, who voted you in, want to discuss important issues all you can do is listen, but nothing can be done about it? Wow, how do i get a job to serve, yet only serve my own intrests, AND get to hide behind “rules/laws” and officers arrest whoever i say needs to go….wow, sounds like a dream job.
    So, I see this BS two minutes each person gets is for “show” to appease the masses. If not, wouldn’t the MAYOR and THE RESTof the city council members have stayed?
    They didn’t because to them it’s not important what their constitutes think and find important. They ONLY CARE, when it lines their pockets with cash, OR furthers their political career (lol, if you can call a job in politics a career).

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