Fresno Police Brutality Protestors March in South East Fresno, Shut Down Kings Canyon

December 20, 2014
The Fresno Coalition Against Police Brutality
marched in South East Fresno last Saturday in a continuation of their outreach campaign in marginalized Fresno communities. At 1:00pm around 60 protestors rallied at the intersection of Chestnut Ave. and Kings Canyon for an hour before marching east on Kings Canyon Rd.

Protestors chanted “No Justice, No Peace!”, “Who’s Streets, Our Streets!” among other things, and traced their bodies with chalk in the road to symbolize all the people who have been killed by law enforcement over the years. After returning to Kings Canyon and Chestnut, spontaneous youth led marches through nearby neighborhoods brought more young people to the street.

The protest returned to the intersection a second time, but young protestors weren’t about to return to the sidewalk, where their grievances go unnoticed, anytime soon.  About 15-20 people remained in the intersection, drawing a crowd of spectators, until shortly after 6pm.

Another protest is planned for this Saturday, Dec. 27th at N. Blackstone Ave. and W. Nees Ave. at 12:00pm.  Join the event page for updates:

 Photos compiled from protest participants