Fresno Coalition Against Police Brutality Marches in West Fresno

Fresno Police Brutality ProtestEach One, Teach One

In the wake of nationwide civil unrest caused by a spree of racist cop murders, activist groups in Fresno have taken to the streets in a community outreach effort.  Around 30 people from different groups and backgrounds, including multiple families of people killed by law enforcement, marched through neighborhoods in West Fresno Saturday; reaching out to residents who have been affected by police presence in their neighborhoods.  A few people even left their homes to join the march in the street and others followed with their cars in support. At one point the protestors staged a “die in” in the middle of an intersection that brought many spectators to the scene who applauded the protest.

The coalition is planning another march in South East Fresno for Saturday, Dec. 20.
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For more info on the coalition: Fresno Coalition Against Police Brutality