"Million Mask March" Hits Fresno Streets

A small grassroots movement has sprung up in Fresno recently.  Activists from Fresno and Lemoore have organized a protest event dubbed the “Million Mask March”.  It’s an annual international protest in commemoration of “Guy Fawks Day” with 437 planned events happening on November 5th worldwide.  For Fresno, it’s the first of its kind and it’s bringing young people to the streets to protest their government.  Their message: End government corruption.
Before rallying on the corner of Blackstone and Shaw avenues (Peace Corner), a group of “anonymous” demonstrators were meeting up in front of the Best Buy in Riverpark shopping center; as there was miscommunication over the meeting location.  They were quickly confronted by police asking why they were wearing masks.  A few of the guys elaborated about what they were there for, and took the opportunity to explain to the officers why they felt disenfranchised by the two-party electoral system.  The cops left without incident after confirming that the Guy Fawks mask wearing teenagers weren’t planning a heist.
We arranged a ride for the demonstrators to Peace Corner and the rest of the protest went smoothly.  Although there wasn’t actually a march, Fresno’s “Million Mask March” was successful in that people are networking.  I never thought I’d say this, but I hope to see more Guy Fawks masks at future demonstrations in Fresno.